07 November 2011

Hey, it's me - ranting.

I should be working.

Except that I'm up to *here* with MS Visio I'm just about to throw up. There's a proper venue for such office work. It's called... ta-dah! - the office. And since it's a holiday, I'm not at the office. So what the fuck am I doing working?

Repeat after me - "I'll stop working now and I won't feel guilty about it."

(Except that I'll probably regret this tomorrow.)

(But - whatever...!)


My sister went out a couple of hours ago to meet her future father-in-law. As expected, she was all jittery. Apparently, according to the son, the old man is your typical Chinese patriarch who has already somewhat "mellowed down" lately. What that's supposed to mean I have no idea really. One, my interaction with typical Chinese patriarchs are all courtesy of Lisa See and Bette Bao Lord and Amy Tan. Two, I don't know how he was before he "mellowed down." Three, A may just be afraid of his dad.

Before she stepped out of the door, I told my sister - "You're beautiful, you're smart, and no one can make you feel bad about yourself without your permission." Given the circumstances, that's the best advice I could give her.

She's not back yet so I don't know how it went. On the bright side, she hasn't sent me an SOS message yet, so maybe things are going just fine.


Speaking of fathers-in-law, I think I just received the second-best compliment I have ever received in my entire life.

The best compliment is being told that I'm raising a wonderful daughter who's wise beyond her years (although how much of that is due to my influence I don't really know, so I think the compliment should go more to Mah Bebe than to me).

The BH's dad emailed me yesterday, and part of his email went - "We like you. We know you bring out the best in him."


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