06 November 2012


And so it happened, that a couple of random questions from two people - one, a good friend, and the other a stranger - had set off something that totally shook me up. And made me rethink my priorities. In one (long) weekend, what had always been so important to me had suddenly become a source of aggravation, and, I must admit, I had no one to blame but myself.

A asked over dinner, mildly amused, condescending perhaps (being the ultimate troll himself, he never has any empathy to those who get overly-agitated), taunting maybe -

"Do you ever relax?"
"Why, do I look so agitated now?"

And all three of my dinnermates nodded yes.

The next afternoon, the GP administering the APE, after asking a series of questions that were supposed to give her an idea about my medical history, my lifestyle, and my psychological well-being, asked -

"So what do you do to de-stress?"

Caught off-guard by what should've been a totally innocuous question, I stared blankly at her, before answering lamely, "Nothing."

02 November 2012

25 August 2012

the colors of her dreams

"How many people get a chance to paint the colors of their dreams?

T was barely a year old when she promised her - in a national daily at that - that she will give her everything. Even then, it wasn't about expensive toys (because she couldn't afford it), or pretty dresses (most of which were gifts from friends and relatives), or even, sadly, a blissful home. It was all about having the freedom - to express herself, to believe in herself, to paint the color of her dreams.

Favorite memory