01 February 2013

Because we love you

Dear Noble 6 Weeyawee,
I really have just one main wish when it comes to you: I hope that you will always have whatever you need when you need it. Whether it's something intellectual, emotional or material, I hope that when you search for it, you'll find it -- just like a full SWAT playlist.
But what you need is not neccessarily what you want. Think about that for a bit. Done? Good. You're a smart girl and I know that you can tell the difference when you put your mind to it. I also know that you probably know what I'm trying to say here.
You NEED to clean your room.
You NEED to feed, bathe and clean up after your dog.
You NEED to hear mommy or me when we're calling for you.
That aside (haha!), figuring out the difference is what ensures that you make the right life choices. I'm not saying that you shouldn't go after what you want -- there is no better motivation, after all, especially when your wants and needs intersect. But when you're faced with a challenging situation, finding your way out is so much easier if you strip out the uneccesary.
And sometimes, that's what Mommy and I try to do. We try to spare you unneccesary hardship and pain by teaching you what we know. We all make mistakes, and we want you to learn from both the good and bad decisions that we've made -- we've been at this thing called life much longer than you have, after all.
So when we make you do things that you may not want to do, think about it first -- what are we trying to teach you? You may not see or understand it at first, but there is always something. Why do you need to clean your room? Is it because of the spiders? Or is it because you need to get used to taking care of yourself and your stuff because Mommy and I won't be here forever?
Why do I make you do firefight when you want SWAT? Is it because I'm sick of SWAT? Maybe. Or could it be one of those little lessons where you have to learn that the world doesn't revolve around you, and that you have to take the bad with the good, that you have to compromise, and be considerate of others? Hmmm.
But as I said, nobody goes through life without mistakes. And you're a smart kid. You may think I'm wrong about something, or I'm doing something the wrong way. When that happens, figure out what IS right. And tell me. Tell us. On the other hand, if you find that you're wrong later on, take responsibility, learn from your mistake and move on. That's living.
You know, the best thing that you can give Mommy and me is to live your life the best you can. That, and not putting us in a nursing home when we're old doddering fools. I bet I'll still be a better Spartan than you by then.
Brigadier Hero SR67 TC

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