22 February 2013

supermom syndrome

Supermom syndrome - that mindset that makes you think that you can bring home the bacon and fry it up in the pan (Family Life)

"Early in the morning I put breakfast at your table / And make sure that your coffee has its sugar and cream..."

Yup, knowing that song sure reflects how old I am, and at this point, my bones know it too. But - so typically me - I'm too tired to sleep.

The day started normal enough - I woke up at 4:45 am to prepare the Bebe for school. Except that when I went to her room, I found out that she was too sick to go to school - croaking that her head hurts pretty bad, she snuggled under her blankie and was just about ready to cry. Now this girl rarely misses school - too often, I would have to beg her to just take the day off because she would insist on going to school even if she's running a fever. So when she said she felt bad, I knew that she felt bad.

Now the working mom's dilemma: do I take the day off and forget my deliverables for the day or do I go to work and leave her home alone?  At which point I decided to do both - I asked my boss if I can work from home. My boss, a working mom herself, agreed.

But working from home while taking care of a sick child is not easy. And harder still when most of my weekends so far this year have been divided between the hospital, school activities, and work functions. To say that our house is a mess is an understatement. There were food containers in the fridge the contents of which have civilizations in the nuclear age. The last vacuuming we did was shortly after the New Year, and I suspect that dog hair and dust bunnies are to blame for my chronic colds (and the Bebe's too). And there are clothes that need to be stored, and clothes that should be given away. So even as I was working and taking care of a sick teenager, I was also trying to catch up with my chores.

Fast-forward to 6:30 pm. In between working and being a mommy to a sick Bebe, I also managed to do a bit of laundry, clean the fridge, wash the dishes, prepare brunch and dinner, and even run out to get some groceries. Sure I was able to accomplish much (more than I usually do on any given workday), but boy was I tired. By the time I had set the table for dinner, I was just about ready to drop. I could hardly keep my back straight, bent over the sink as I was while doing the dishes and preparing dinner, and bent over the computer for most of the day, preparing and reviewing reports, and remotely monitoring my team.

"I'm not your superwoman..."

And I have no delusions of ever becoming one. Right now, all I want to do is sleep. And perchance, to dream.

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