28 November 2014

10 things I'm most grateful for

Because, you know, Thanksgiving Day. We don't really celebrate it (Butterball is so goddamn expensive and so not worth it for a family of three) but it's still good to be thankful nonetheless.

1. Mah Bebe
So grateful that she hasn't given me any of the headaches and heartaches I gave my parents haha. So grateful that she's one focused young lady who knows what she wants and works hard to get it. So grateful that she's fully aware that she always has a choice, and she makes intelligent choices. So grateful that she remains sweet to us even if teenage hormones could've turned her angsty. So grateful that she remains true to herself.

2. My Byronic Honey
My worst critic but my staunchest supporter. My best friend, my partner in crime. He believes in me even when I no longer believe in myself. He tells me I'm pretty even when I'm a makeup-less mess. He gives me an emotional and psychological headslap when my anxiety threatens to engulf me. And at the end of each day, even on those days when we're not talking to each other, he hugs me.

3. My bestestfriend
The person responsible for turning my life around. That one drunken night I will never forget when she gave me shit and demanded me to "DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF!" Yes, for. Not with. That's how she is. A couple of weeks later I took the first step that led me to where I am now. And she's still there. Giving me shit when I need it. But mostly just giving me love. And laughter.

4. My family
We're not perfect but we know we are loved. Our parents may not always agree with us but they respect our opinions, our beliefs. Which is why respect is also there among us siblings. We kiss, we hug, we never fail to say "I love you" to one another. We support one another, and we have our own angel up there looking out for us.

5. Ry
He who picks me up when I'm down, he who has always been my inspiration. He thinks I'm his muse but truth is, he's my muse. The reason why I'm still blogging, why I still attempt to write, even if my voice now sounds like a corporate drone.

6. My work buddies
K, who has become my unofficial sounding board. Who listens to me rant, and listens to me rave. Who understands exactly where I'm coming from. R, who, young as she is, has taught me what professionalism is all about. How you can be seriously into your work without losing your sense of humor. J, who, in the short time I've known her, has become both my mentor and my work mother. Who demands nothing but the best hence forcing me to give nothing but my best. Who is both strict and kind. Exacting and generous. Serious and funny.

7. My work
Without which I cannot have the kind of life I currently have. It's a love-hate relationship, it's not easy, and sometimes I wonder if it's worth it, but it has built my character in ways I could never imagine.

8. My books
And the fact that I can afford more books than I actually need. For keeping me sane, for being my constant companions since I learned how to read, for making my life much richer.

9. My team
I've never met a bunch of people more hardworking, more real than these people. For inspiring me to learn more, to be more, to do more.

10. My faith
Without which I may have already given up a long time ago.
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Ryan Amor said...

Wow... Is it inspiration or the app??? Its the app! Ang haba ha and it doesnt look rushed too

weiwitch said...

Both! And being stuck in traffic without my book haha.

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