26 November 2014

Dinner is always a challenge

I could never get the hang of this motherhood thing. You know, that part where you're expected to bring home the bacon and fry it too. And no, if you call me that godforsaken word, "Superwoman," I'd probably give you a Pacquiao-like uppercut because really, when you're exhausted as hell, being called a Superwoman is not a compliment. But that's another blog entry.

That Santi's run earlier gave me and my family a yummy but easy-to-prepare dinner. I got some ciabatta, three types of cold cuts (parma ham, pfeffer ham, and Spanish salami), a bunch of leaves, and with some of the feta cheese i have at home - voila! Instant dinner!

This sure beats dialing 8-McDo again.

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Ryan Amor said...

three in a row wow! and someone was inspired to make dinner.but wheres the ampalaya bit????

weiwitch said...

There was no ampalaya at Santi's.

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