03 December 2014

My ideal morning

I've been spending mornings with a sense of dread, to the point of nausea, just thinking about yet another work day. (Yes, it's that bad, but that's a different story). A couple of minutes ago, I saw this Facebook friend's post as to how she's spending her morning. She's an illustrator who's financially stable and talented enough to pursue her passion and actually make good money from it. And it got me thinking - if I didn't have this job, if I could actually afford to do freelance work, if I didn't have to be a corporate slave and a slave to its benefits, how would I spend my ideal morning?

Have a leisurely cup of coffee while writing in my journal, have some alone time with my thoughts, and actually hear myself think.

Tidy up the house, do the dishes if needed, while listening at full blast to some great Broadway musical. Or heavy metal, depending on my mood.

Do some writing for an hour or two, with the music still at full blast.

Prepare and have brunch: fruits, sausages, eggs, bread.

Clean up again, and nap for thirty minutes.

Write some more until the early afternoon. Or draw. Or putter around the house.

Yeah, wishful thinking. As if writing is easy. As if.

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