19 February 2015

Rina is Japanese after all

Rina and Mr. Kurosawa

Rina with her BIG sisters at Omakase

Disclaimer: I'm no food blogger, and I have no pretensions of being knowledgeable about texture and aroma and herbs and what-have-yous. I just love to eat. And food, for me, falls under only four categories: bleh, okay, good, and great.

I love Japanese food, and Mah Bebe loves Japanese food. But because we both love Japanese food, it did reach a point when we were having sushi and sashimi and miso soup and sukiyaki and teppanyaki and ramen/udon way too often that I swore I'd never have Japanese food again. Hah! As if that is really possible.

Mr. Kurosawa in Eastwood is an old favorite. For one, it's quite accessible, and they do have reasonably-priced good food. It's nothing to write home about but it's no rip-off either. And I love their spicy tuna salad (although yes, Gerry's Grill's spicy sashimi is still much better).

Omakase, meanwhile, is okay. Oddly enough, as the Byronic Honey pointed out, it's quite similar to Tokyo Bubble Tea, but with more options and less fastfood-joint ambiance (i.e. classy, in a not-fastfood way). The tempura was bleh (the breading was almost rancid, and the shrimps were dry) but the tofu steak was great - tofu squares wrapped in beef strips, as opposed to the usual beef-stuffed tofu. The sashimi was okay, not bad for a little over 300 pesos for a sashimi mix (tuna, salmon, squid, crab sticks, and uni).

Unfortunately, my all-time favorite Japanese place - Hanaichi - is gone. And right now I want an octopus carpaccio.

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