27 July 2015

Because Qantas

We had a connecting flight in Singapore from Manila to Sydney, but upon arrival at the Changi Airport, we were advised that our 11:50 pm flight had been moved to 6:15 am the next day. Since it was only 6 pm, we were instructed to proceed to the Qantas desk and wait for a bus that would pick us up at 8 pm and bring us to our hotel.

It was the great the Singapore sale, and most, if not all, of the duty free shops inside the Changi had "70% off" screaming at us, begging us to check out their goods. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to do so, as we still had to go through immigration and ensure that we don't miss the bus.

But fortunately, missing out on on the great Changi sale was the only lowpoint of that unscheduled Singapore stop - we ended up being billeted at the Pan Pacific Hotel (oh, yeah!), with buffet dinner at the Edge (double oh, yeah!). We were picked up by the bus at exactly 8 pm and brought back to the airport at exactly 4 am the following day. Because, yeah, Qantas.

Now if only the local airlines in the Philippines would take care of their customers in the same manner.

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