Boho Berry Challenge: December year-end review

After reading the Boho Berry Challenge, I've been inspired to more than just write on my journal but to revamp and revive this blog as well. The past few days have been crazier than usual, which I'm beginning to think is really more of a wake-up call for me. If anything, the emotional roller-coaster ride of the past week has made me more determined to put myself first and gear for survival mode. And survival mode means reclaiming myself, finding the me that I was before before I totally lose her, and once again doing the things that used to give me so much joy. Midlife crisis much? Maybe, but there's this part of me as well who has been asking - when did I start losing myself and what can I do to find myself again?

This month's Boho Berry Challenge prompts are divided into two parts - from 1 - 16 December, they're all about looking back on the past year, and from 17 - 31 December, it's all about preparing for 2018. Today's prompt is "Introductions," which makes it a suitable first blog entry.

And this is my introduction. The December Boho Berry challenge is one of the baby steps I'm taking to reclaim myself. To look back on how my year has been and to take charge of my life again. To understand the past so I can be more mindful as I navigate the future.

Photo grabbed from Boho Berry


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