12 October 2015

What's in my bag

This is a sketch I made earlier this year and funny how my bag has become more minimalistic since then. I got a smaller office-issued laptop and for the first time in God knows how long, I'm finally bringing just one bag to the office (no more laptop bags, yay!).

1. Medicine clear bag - gone. I just have with me two emergency pills (in case of uncontrollable anxiety and panic attack) which I've put in my "sanity kit" (#10) which actually makes sense, since these pills help me get ahold of myself. 

2. Abaca coin purse - I still have it since my ratty but lucky leather wallet (#5) doesn't have a compartment for coins.

3. Hermes Voyage d' Hermes perfume - gone. I actually ended up spilling this in my bag (argh!) although it was almost gone anyway when it happened. This has been replaced by my Prada Infusion de Iris (yes, it's an expensive vice but hey, I don't really indulge in retail therapy).

4. Oh dear, I didn't realize I have two number 4s! :-D

Emergency sanitary/hygiene kit - gone. I still have my hand sanitizer (again, strategically placed in my sanity kit) and wipes (dumped in my bag), but the napkins and tampons and panty shields are in my office ped.

Kikay kit - of course I still have this! 

5. My ratty but lucky wallet. Hickok brand, bought from SM on sale for 700 pesos four, five years ago. Real leather, none of that fancy-schmansy designer wallets that start peeling after six months. It's not sexy, but hey, it's sturdy. My trusty travel companion.

6. Teeny weeny brelly - gone. Mah Bebe borrowed it several weeks ago, and I haven't seen it since. 

7. Office BlackBerry - gone. Replaced by an iPhone, still office-issued.

8. Moto-G - being used temporarily by Mah Bebe. 

9. Sanicare tissue - a bag regular, along with my wipes.

10. My sanity kit - but of course. Although the Mango has been replaced by a Colette.

11. Kindle - still here, but sometimes replaced by a real honest-to-goodness paperback.

12. Leuchtturm notebook - I don't carry this around that often anymore. I rely on Paper for my random thoughts and shopping/to-do/reminder lists, and I do my non-electronic writing at home.

13. Parker mechanical pencil - still have it, for emergency doodling.

14. Parker roller pen - I lost it :-(

02 August 2015


Immigration officer: So, is she your sister?
Me: Oh, no - she's my daughter.
Immigration officer: No way! Seriously?
Me: Yes, seriously. And thank you so much! :-D

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31 July 2015

"When the beating of your heart echoes the beating of the drums..."

I read the unabridged version when I was 16, after which I bought a tape (yes, a cassette tape!) of the musical, and went on listening to it until it fell apart, at which point digital music was already available. I downloaded the album and it became a staple on my playlist. In recent months, I've been listening to it on Spotify. I watched the 10th anniversary concert on CD, and the 25th anniversary concert on YouTube (the 10th is still much, much better than the 25th). 25 years since I first discovered Les Miz, I finally got to watch the musical. Onstage. Live.

It was everything I imagined it to be and then some. I still find it amazing how technology has enhanced our theater experience, providing not just a dynamic backdrop to the production but smoother transitions between scenes as well. I'm no theater critic - I tend to experience these things on a more personal level than on a technical level. I know all the characters, I know all the songs, and I had goosebumps the entire time I was watching. And yes, Cosette is still a wimp.

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27 July 2015

Because Qantas

We had a connecting flight in Singapore from Manila to Sydney, but upon arrival at the Changi Airport, we were advised that our 11:50 pm flight had been moved to 6:15 am the next day. Since it was only 6 pm, we were instructed to proceed to the Qantas desk and wait for a bus that would pick us up at 8 pm and bring us to our hotel.

It was the great the Singapore sale, and most, if not all, of the duty free shops inside the Changi had "70% off" screaming at us, begging us to check out their goods. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to do so, as we still had to go through immigration and ensure that we don't miss the bus.

But fortunately, missing out on on the great Changi sale was the only lowpoint of that unscheduled Singapore stop - we ended up being billeted at the Pan Pacific Hotel (oh, yeah!), with buffet dinner at the Edge (double oh, yeah!). We were picked up by the bus at exactly 8 pm and brought back to the airport at exactly 4 am the following day. Because, yeah, Qantas.

Now if only the local airlines in the Philippines would take care of their customers in the same manner.

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23 May 2015

Rina on-the-go

Because I'm such a horrible documenter, I keep forgetting that Rina is just in my bag and is always ready for a photo-op. Hence, the dearth of Rina's travel pictures. Well, I did manage to take a few, but Rina wishes I could've taken more.

Rina at NAIA, checking in

Rina arriving at Narita.

Rina waiting for her San Diego flight

Rina before going through immigration

Rina at the Sheraton Marina

Rina having lunch at a Subway branch in a gasoline station, on her way to Los Angeles from San Diego

19 February 2015

Rina is Japanese after all

Rina and Mr. Kurosawa

Rina with her BIG sisters at Omakase

Disclaimer: I'm no food blogger, and I have no pretensions of being knowledgeable about texture and aroma and herbs and what-have-yous. I just love to eat. And food, for me, falls under only four categories: bleh, okay, good, and great.

I love Japanese food, and Mah Bebe loves Japanese food. But because we both love Japanese food, it did reach a point when we were having sushi and sashimi and miso soup and sukiyaki and teppanyaki and ramen/udon way too often that I swore I'd never have Japanese food again. Hah! As if that is really possible.

Mr. Kurosawa in Eastwood is an old favorite. For one, it's quite accessible, and they do have reasonably-priced good food. It's nothing to write home about but it's no rip-off either. And I love their spicy tuna salad (although yes, Gerry's Grill's spicy sashimi is still much better).

Omakase, meanwhile, is okay. Oddly enough, as the Byronic Honey pointed out, it's quite similar to Tokyo Bubble Tea, but with more options and less fastfood-joint ambiance (i.e. classy, in a not-fastfood way). The tempura was bleh (the breading was almost rancid, and the shrimps were dry) but the tofu steak was great - tofu squares wrapped in beef strips, as opposed to the usual beef-stuffed tofu. The sashimi was okay, not bad for a little over 300 pesos for a sashimi mix (tuna, salmon, squid, crab sticks, and uni).

Unfortunately, my all-time favorite Japanese place - Hanaichi - is gone. And right now I want an octopus carpaccio.

11 January 2015

Meet my new friend, Rina


My spirit strengthens and and energises.

To live your life with passion and purpose is to know the power of my spirit.
May challenge and triumph alike, serve only to energise and build your strength, so life may always be an invigorating adventure.

Let the adventures begin...
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Favorite memory