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I had to do a quick article for our department's newsletter - a task I totally forgot was assigned to me. Not just the article but the newsletter itself lol. So J and K, two of the supervisors who signed up for this task, and I came up with the newsletter in less than two weeks, trying to meet the January deadline I set for our maiden issue. The three of us decided to have our own columns as space-fillers haha, so of course I wrote about what I knew best - the books I read. J came up with ways to save money and K wrote about leadership tips and I love how we were able to work together to come up with something we were quite proud of.   I've also started a book journal for 2023 and I guess I'll write a longer review of these three books, along with the other books I read in January. The most pleasant surprise I got was The Great Gatsby , a book I had been putting off reading, which was weird since, one, I love the 20s and the Gilded Age (the era, not the series which I haven

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