Back to basics, back to blogging

Day sixty-nine of the community quarantine, seventy-two days since I last stepped out of our village gate, and I can't really tell if I'm suffering from cabin fever or I'm just being my usual anxious self. One thing's for sure though, even as I'm filled with anxiety over the uncertainties we're all currently facing, I so appreciate being able to work from home. And with all the time I've spent being home, I'm back to drawing, painting, and journaling. And this time around, I'm kinder to myself, allowing myself to just have fun, no self-criticisms regardless of my output.

quarantine art

It's like rediscovering that version of me before I became too hard on myself. Perhaps this is what those self-care gurus meant when they talk about mothering your inner child - freeing that version of you who had to hide from the world's cruel and critical eyes. That inner child who got tired of tiptoeing on thin ice and decided to just cease walking. I'm slowly coaxing her out of whatever shell she hid in, promising her nothing but love, kindness, and compassion.

And because I began journaling again, I knew it was just a matter of time before I started blogging again. After all, I had this unused funky website that, laying dormant for more than a year since I overhauled it (read: got rid of my previous entries). And considering how I had been blogging since blogging became a thing (in the early years of the aughts, before Google bought Blogger), I'm really simply going back to basics now. And just enjoying it. 


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