Yes, I'm a happy forty-something

My daughter, T, sent me this screenshot from Facebook of a Reddit response to the question, "People who are 40+ and happy with their life, what is your advice to people in their 20s?" and wanted me to provide my input. Which I guess makes sense since I'm 40+ and she's in her 20s and, regardless of my issues, I am presumably happy with my life (except when I'm not lol). But, just to be sure, I actually asked her - 

Me: You want my input?
T: Yes!
Me: You think I'm happy with my life?
T: Of course! You don't think so?
Me: I do haha!

And although I had to take a moment there to assess if indeed I'm happy with my life, I know that I am. I've had my share of struggles and the past couple of years have been pretty tough, but I will be one hell of an ungrateful person if I say I'm not happy with my life right now. This is what I used to dream of when I was a struggling single mom, and everyday I thank God for giving me the chance to turn our lives around. But that's a story for another blog entry.

my daily journal where I first wrote down the list

So here's the list I provided my daughter (with the idea that I can add some more to it) which she can use as guidelines but which she isn't obliged to follow. Because at the end of the day, she should make her own rules.
  • Choose your battles. If letting go is better for your mental health, LET GO.
  • PRAY. It works.
  • Never ever neglect your creative side. Nurture it. It will save you.
  • READ.
  • Do not take yourself too seriously. Accept your imperfections and learn to laugh at yourself.
  • When you fall down (and you will, a lot of times) pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and trudge on. Pretty soon, you will find yourself skipping and gliding and flying.
  • Keep a journal to help keep you sane. And help you remember where you used to be. And what you still need to do.


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