I am therefore, I read.

Going through one of my Happy Planner sticker books earlier, I came across a "Read a book" sticker in the Summer Bucket List page and I absentmindedly muttered, "I don't need to put read a book on my bucket list, summer or otherwise." I don't. Reading is not an item on a bucket list for me - it's a basic need, much like food, water, and air. I need to read to survive. Reading helped me through some of the worst years of my life, back when I had to rummage through the Php 1 (USD 0.017) used books bin in the wet market near the rat-infested hell-hole we were renting because I can barely afford to buy food, much less books, but still I needed to read. I think one of the (many) reasons my marriage fell apart was because my ex threw away a box of my books, including a signed copy of Francisco Arcellana's Selected Stories - only an idiotic megalomaniac would throw away books that don't belong to them. Or throw away books for that matter. 

So I think my point really is - Kanye has never read a book in his life??! Um, k.


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